Air Track Rock Drills: (entire machine or parts)
Joy/Sullivan/Cannon Industries (MS3, MS4,MS5) Maverick Rock Drill- Any condition
Ingersoll- Rand LM100A Rock Drill- Any condition

Rock Drill Hammers: (entire hammer or parts)
Cannon CVR 250 Pneumatic Rock Drill Hammer
Joy VCR350 Pneumatic Rock Drill Hammer
Ingersoll-Rand  YD-90 Rock Drill Hammer

Antique gas powered caterpillar crawlers
Includes machines built in the 1920's or 1930's.


Instantel Micromate Seismograph, UMXXXX $5,500.00 OBO
Slightly used seismograph in very good condition with current Calibration.  Comes with standard geophone and Microphone, spikes, mic stand and carrying case.  Additionally, this machine includes the rubber protective boot/lid, and a portable thermal printer.  Costs over 7k new.

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