DELDOT I95/SR896 Interchange Project

Rock Work Inc. provided drilling and blasting services for the reconstruction of this interchange located in Newark, Delaware. Bulk and Trench blasting was required for the two new ramps driven into "Iron Hill". All work completed without incident.

Heavy Highway Blasting

Rock Work Inc. provided drilling and blasting services for bulk and trench rock for the expansion of US Route 1 for PENNDOT just outside Philadelphia, PA. Upwards of 70 feet of Granite had to be removed adjacent to the active highway. Because of insane amounts of traffic, blasting had to occur at night when only 15 minute stoppages were allowed. All work completed without incident and within allowable traffic stoppages.

Quarry Development Work

Rock Work Inc. provided drilling and blasting services to remove this ramp so the next quarry bench can begin.

Warehouse Blasting

Storm sewer trench blasting for a new warehouse in excess of 1,000,000 SF in Lebanon County, PA. Blasting was required for nearly all of the underground utilities.

Silent Blasting

Construction drilling and blasting with programmable electronic detonators adjacent to two high pressure gas lines. Multiple decks in each hole were utilized to comply with stringent vibration criteria.

Production Blast with Electronic Detonators

Electronic Detonators were utilized in this shot with extremely fast custom timing of the delays between the holes. Vibration levels at the nearest homes, located less than 500 feet away were excellent.

Construction Bulk Blasting Granite

20,000LB construction blasting in solid granite for the construction of a new roadway.

Construction Blasting near existing homes

Bulk blasting for site development work in close proximity to existing homes.